Craft and industrial equipment

Godik Handicraft & Industry is for those in the construction, agricultural or retail sector. At Godik, we can help you with a wide range of equipment for your industry – including sheds, light towers, generators, accommodation trailers, fences, heat guns, containers, site surveillance and much more.

Since Godik was founded in 1993, the craft and industry sector has been one of our major customer groups. We therefore offer you many years of experience and, as a result, an in-depth knowledge of your needs. We will work with you to find the optimal solution that best helps you achieve your project goals. Our skilled staff are always ready to advise you on our products and services.

Trailers, generators and much more

– Wide range of sheds, crew and accommodation trailers
– Most modern equipment in generator power
– Specialized service and fast delivery!
– The industry’s preferred partner

Crew, office and accommodation vehicles

You can choose from a wide range of mobile vans or crew containers, including the option to add or remove kitchens, showers and sleeping rooms according to your needs, as well as the number of sleeping and bathing rooms. We offer you both all-in-one solutions and separate trolleys for residential, office, bathroom, etc.

Generators and electricity

Godik has Denmark’s most modern generator setup, including a wide selection to cover any task. You can use our generators for temporary or site power, for example for larger construction projects. With generators, you get access to power at short notice and you have the possibility to open/close consumption as needed. For larger productions, generators can be used as backup power, here you also have the option to synchronize multiple generators, or run with TWIN-set generators.


Equipment such as fencing, barriers, road plates, heat guns, storage containers, waste containers, waste compactors, waste presses, waste water containers, site surveillance, fire detection and telehandlers are some of the other equipment that may be relevant to your project.