Event and Festival equipment – A complete 360 solution for all events

Godik can supply all the equipment you need to organize an event or festival. We have, for example, been supplier of equipment for some of Denmark’s biggest festivalsFor example, Roskilde Festival, Jelling Festival, and Smukfest. These festivals have included our famous green toilets that have been used several times before at many other festivals.

At Godik, we have a keen eye for everything that is happening in the event industry, and we constantly follow the latest trends, so we can deliver technologies that are both sustainable and meet all the needs necessary to organize a successful festival or event.

We are constantly expanding our range with the latest solutions from near and far. And precisely because we are driven by a huge passion for event and festival equipment, we are constantly trying to find new and smart innovative solutions in our workshop.

We have, for example, developed our own vacuum toilet carts that have a water saving of 95%, this is both good for the environment, but also money-saving, as it can quickly add up when there are many guests using the toilets during a large event.

Large events require increased security

It is important to maintain a high level of security at large gatherings so that both staff and guests feel safe. At Godik, you can therefore rent all the safety equipment necessary to maintain safety.

For example, you can rent festival fences to secure the entire area against intruders. These fences can be used in conjunction with double entrance mills, ticket trolleys, and emergency exits located in the most obvious areas. Godik also has radios and video surveillance which can be found under security

It is also possible to rent luggage lockers with built-in powerbanks that can be used to charge smartphones. These luggage lockers are excellent for storing guests’ valuables and can help prevent theft.

All event and festival equipment in one place

The experience economy has been growing rapidly for a long time and is likely to continue to do so. Danes want to go out and experience something, but Danes are also starting to demand more from event organizers and they no longer want to settle for just anything. The modern Dane demands proper conditions, which is why we think in complete 360 solutions when organizing festivals and events across the country.

At Godik, we have a large selection of equipment of all kinds, so that the many festival guests have everything they need in one place without having to leave the site. For example, it is possible to hiring bath trolleys with up to 12 separate shower rooms per vehicle, and should it be necessary, we can also set up a changing tent equipped with mobile washbasinsand an oil boiler, and of course it is also possible to renting disabled toilets with showerwhere there is plenty of space for the wheelchair and a helper if needed.

Godik has a huge range of vending carts, merchandise carts, hot dog carts, ice cream carts, and carts for serving cold drinks. And if you need ice cubes for all your drinks, we also have specially designed freezer and cooler trolleys that can be filled to the brim with all the ice cubes you might need, and we’re happy to provide more if needed.

Big events and festivals mean a lot of hungry people, which is why you can rent a large kitchen container so you can make some good food for the many guests. It is also possible to rent dishwashing trolleys, laundry trolleys with washing machines and tumble dryers, so that the hygiene, like the food, is of the highest quality and leaves your guests with a smile on their faces.

If you want to spread the fun, so it is possible to buy drinks around the site, you can also choose to rent scaffolding bars that can be placed exactly where you want.

A world-class backstage

Set up your backstage with Godik event and festival equipment that will impress even the most seasoned performers. We have all the modules and equipment you need to ensure that your V.I.P. guests get the treatment they expect.

We have the coolest band and artist vans equipped with showers and toilets, with plenty of space to relax in before they get up and let loose on stage. And if you need it, we also have small electric cars and electric buses that staff can use to transport V.I.P. guests safely back and forth from the stage.

If you want to give your V.I.P. guests the opportunity to have some cold drinks and sit among the other artists in peace and quiet, then you can choose to rent a skybar with a roof terrace where there is room for up to 30 people.

So if you are organizing an event or a festival, call our sales department on +45 70 20 18 16 and one of our skilled employees will answer all the questions you may have, and together we will find a solution on which festival equipment that covers exactly your needs. We can deliver it all year round, and when you rent it all in one place, you can be sure that it all works together.