GODIK x DHL Relay 2023

Godik has recently been driving between the square in Hedehusene and Fælledparken. Fences, toilet carts and other equipment have been delivered for this year’s DHL Relay, which takes place this week from Monday, August 28 through September 1, 2023.

We at Godik are proud to be a partner of Sparta Athletics and Running, which organizes the DHL Relay Copenhagen and other annual events, including the CPH Half in September. The event is sold out and with a record 135,000 participants, the DHL Relay is considered the world’s largest exercise event.

Supplier for the biggest events

In Godik, we have the capacity to handle the largest events on the equipment side. Our equipment catalog covers a wide range of vehicles and equipment for all purposes. We can scale both capacity and volume to tailor solutions for any event.

Our customers’ success is key to our own success, which is why we work hard to offer the right solutions. One of the challenges of the DHL Relay is that the event brings a lot of people together in one place in a relatively short period of time. This places great demands on the toilet capacity and good access conditions so that distances and long queues do not interfere with the relay race.

With many years in the industry, Godik has the experience and offers qualified and personalized advice and sparring to help you achieve your event goals.

Delivery in Fælledparken

Godik is represented with office trolleys, toilet trolleys, mobile toilets, washbasin and drinking water units, fresh and waste water tanks and various vehicles, e.g. telehandlers and John Deere Gators. All equipment delivered in Fælled Parken from where the DHL Relay will take place, at the agreed location at the agreed time.

Events held in public areas and squares are often subject to a tight schedule in terms of set-up and dismantling, so it’s crucial that equipment is delivered on time. Godik’s experienced drivers know our equipment and have experience delivering on all types of terrain. We can meet the vast majority of requests because we plan and execute all transportation ourselves, which enables us to deliver flexibly, quickly and accurately.

We wish both the organizer and all 135,000 participants a great experience over the next 5 relay days.